Hannah’s blog

What made you decide to participate in the Bouts Art Competition?
I decided to participate in the Bouts Art Competition because I have never involved myself in opportunities like this within the past and was inspired by the workshops provided online. I enjoyed being able to create a piece in response to the workshop while allowing myself to create something beyond my coursework towards my A level qualification.

Tell us about your passion for art – What motivates you to create art?
I have always had a passion for art – for as long as I can remember, I loved using materials round my house to create art pieces and always watched tutorials as a child on how to create and make a range of items. Furthermore, I love the sense of accomplishment that derives from creating something, and since achieving a GCSE qualification and striving towards A Level, I love the journey from your initial inspiration to the final product. Pieces that inspire me are usually contemporary pieces or ones that covertly display a meaning or story for the viewer to interpret and engage with. Moreover, my environment often motivates me to employ creative expression, as the buildings and monuments that make up my surroundings adopt colour schemes and textures and evoke emotions of all kinds.

Do you see yourself doing this for the long term?
I can see myself being inspired and creating art throughout my life due to the endless discovery of new mediums and techniques to trial and master. Over the years, I have employed several art forms, such as tonal drawing to collage and macramé designs. Art allows individuals to create useful items as well as ways to express your personality, style and a way to project yourself within your environment. Therefore, I can see myself investing within art pieces, as well all as creating some, in order to design and embellish my future home.

Do you have a favourite artist and how have they influenced your practice?
An artist that inspires me is the Swiss Born artist Paul Klee, due to his use of colour and shape throughout his paintings. Embodying several movements such as expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism, the artist never fails to capture my attention and emotion. Klee’s style influenced my practise and entry for the competition through the consideration of colour. Throughout his work, Klee discusses the meaning behind his colour palette and shapes, such as “Red Balloon”, which details his response to childhood experiences. Therefore, within my entry, I considered ways to convey the regal atmosphere projected within theatres, as well as the warmth and passion derived from performers and audience.

See Hannah’s artwork in The Bowes Museum grounds until 31 August. Find more about the Bouts Art Competition here.

Learn more about the Young People projects, workshops, blogs and opportunities here.

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