The Race Is On!

The preparatory work for phase 4b is well underway, and the builders, having stripped out the first gallery, are now ready to bring in the internal scaffolding. Those of you who have visited us in the last few days will be aware of the scaffolding tower which is growing outside the building. I certainly was, as the higher it got, the less time I had to protect some of our precious ceramics from accidental knocks and vibrations as the guys will be using a route from the window through the ceramics gallery to bring in their equipment. As the cases will have boarding over them, it was decided to leave the objects in situ, but provide them with protective cushioning. Using materials such as bubble wrap and acid free tissue and a great deal of help from Karen and Scott, our archaeology boffins, we have managed to beat the progress of the scaffolding tower and are now feeling very smug, following a job well done. Have a look at the photos.

Earlier in the day, Mark and Vin, the museum’s superheroes, covered the paintings in the same gallery with giant polythene sacks (made by yours truly, thank goodness they fit) to protect them from the variable environmental conditions which will occur when the access window is open. Exciting stuff, and now it’s back to cleaning the cases in the Streatlam gallery and talking to our lovely visitors.


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