Christmas All Wrapped Up at The Bowes Museum

Been doing some publicity shots today for our week of Christmas activities – starting on 19th December with our renowned Christmas market.  Yes, that was me standing in the snow with a Santa hat on, holding aloft Christmas presents whilst a photographer from the Northern Echo snapped away. Felt a bit daft, but hopefully the publicity will encourage lots of visitors to the museum in the run up to Christmas.

The museum’s fabulous Christmas tree went up on Monday – looking better than ever. Very festive inside now, especially with the Christmas shop fully stocked and the aroma of Christmas lunches being served in Cafe Bowes.

Pleased to report that the picture gallery refurbishment project is underway. Two of the galleries on the 2nd floor have closed, with the key paintings from these galleries now on display in our 2nd floor temporary exhibition gallery – a lovely intimate space to view Canaletto’s, El Greco, Goya etc etc…

We’re having to be a bit scrooge-like with the contractors – minimum Christmas break only – as we need them to work through so that we can get the galleries re-opened as soon as possible. I’m sure they don’t mind as The Bowes Museum is a pretty nice place to be over Christmas.

Hope you have a good Christmas – would be great to see you at The Bowes during the festive period.


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